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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Time For a Tour

We have been busy sorting through our things for the past couple of days. There were a number of things that we brought with us from the house that we didn’t necessarily need, but we didn’t want to get rid of either. Some photo boxes, sentimental items, things like that. So with a place now to leave that kind of stuff, we both started going through our storage spaces weeding out whatever could stay. I don’t know how much weight we took out, but feels like a ton! Well, not really, but a lot.

We have just about moved everything now, and moved the existing furniture around to where we want it for the time being. So, without further ado, here are our new winter digs…



In the front of the Florida room, we placed our dining table. Eventually, we want to have the wall moved back by the step, and have this front part turned into a screened in porch.



The rest of the Florida room is going to be our main living space. The recliners are pretty shot, so we will get new chairs next year. We had planned to get new chairs for our fiver, but they are way more comfortable than these are, so we will stick with them instead. The couch isn’t bad, so we will keep that (with a slipcover). It’s also a pull out bed. The table in the corner is my future puzzle table.



This is Harry’s new puttering around table and utility room.




The bedroom…not huge, but feels roomy enough by rv standards. We are going to paint and get a new bed in here.



The kitchen…we think the stove is the original! It has sure done its duty. We will be getting new appliances next winter. In the empty space to the right is where the table was – we are going to get a small island to go there for some additional storage and counter space.



The original living room area…we are just going to use this for a guest space mainly. This couch also opens up to a bed.



So there you have it…our new little winter home. It’s only 900 sq ft but it feels very spacious to us. Its smaller size will make it easier to maintain as well as more affordable to do the updates we want to do over the next few years.


  1. 900 sq ft!! A mansion! Congrats.
    It's funny, isn't it? Before we went full time, we toured a park model. It was 499 sq. ft and seemed tiny compared to our house. After living in 180 sq ft. for two years, we again toured a 499 sq ft. park model. It was huge! Sticking with the 180 for now.

  2. Very nice!! You all will enjoy putting your touches on things and making it "you." Happy for you guys!!!

  3. Congrats! Your new place is adorable! Bill and I are no where near ready to make a home base purchase - but I'm sure we will be looking at something similar when we are - either that or a condo. Just gotta pick where! But we have time for that! See you guys in C'ville!

  4. Like you, we knew we wanted something smaller when we bought. Our Open Range is roomy for a RV but not compared to this house. It's 2,200 sq ft but a lot of it is the 26X26 basement room. You will find you will want to make lots of changes to make it feel right for you.

    Last week we had stone layed on the 2 RV sites we have here. Don't forget we have a spot not far off I-65 in Cullman, Al. perfect for you.

  5. What a cute little place! Perfect for wintering over. Good find :)

  6. Congratulations! I'm sure it feels spacious. It will be lots of fun making it yours.