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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Time in Jacksonville

Our first full day in Jacksonville was a pleasant and relaxed one. After the last two weeks in Avon Park, spending a lot of time working on our new place, we had gotten away from our morning walks and we had spent a lot of time running all over the place. 18176199_10213491836637078_1886593398_oSo it was nice yesterday to just get up whenever and not really have much to do. We went for a nice walk around the rv park. There is a walking trail here that we have gone to before – the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail, that we had 18175275_10213491839317145_1300682175_oplanned on going to, but we got up yesterday and just didn’t feel like going anywhere. haha (I looked back in my photos to find these pictures from our last time there and was surprised to see it was two years ago! Wow, time flies!)



Later in the afternoon, we drove over to Harry’s sister Linda’s house for a visit. It was fun catching up and sharing news. With a family wedding this weekend, Harry has a couple other siblings arriving soon, so it will be a mini family reunion.


Today, we are off in search of some good deals!

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