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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

Several weeks ago, we decided that we felt like cooking our own meal this year for Easter, and invited a couple over to share it with us. This was before buying a park model in the resort was even on our radar. We hoped that the weather would cooperate so we could eat outside as our inside space is limited.

After we bought our new winter home, we decided that we would celebrate Easter Sunday as planned, but in our new place, and have our first official meal there on that day.

We had to use a little creativity, as the fridge is already shut down for the off season and we didn’t intend to turn it back on just for one day. Luckily we have a good size cooler that we keep in the basement in case we need it for an emergency, so we pulled it out and filled it with all of our cold ingredients. Our temporary fridge!



We enjoyed having a living room to relax and chat with company.

We had a ham cooking in our roaster oven and the smell of cloves in the air was SO wonderful!



The ham looked great and smelled even better.





Our Easter feast ready!





And the company of good friends to enjoy as well!




After dinner we spent the rest of the afternoon playing a game of Mexican train dominoes! Lots of laughter!




It was a really nice day, and a wonderful first holiday celebration in our new place.


  1. Looks like you all had a nice Easter meal and company!! Love Mexican Train!

  2. Happy Easter to you guys.. I was wondering, now that you have a "winter place" what will you do with RV when in residence. Will you have to store it offsite for a cost or do they have a place to put onsite for free.. I see a RV storage place onsite.

    I did look online at that place. This at Adelaide Shores RV Resort if i remember right?

    Looks like a nice place,, what street you get a place? any clue as to cost of this palace..

    have a fun summer and take care.

  3. Looks like you guys had a great Easter dinner. Perfect way to break in the new house.