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Saturday, September 23, 2017

All Fixed Up

When we got back here and checked our place over, we realized that our repairs boiled down to two pieces of siding and a missing piece of soffit. We have some work scheduled to be done this coming week, and we thought about calling the company to see if they could fix those couple things while the other work was being done. But we realized that would probably add a couple hundred bucks to the bill for only a few minutes of work. So Harry decided that he would try his hand at replacing the siding. On our way home on Tuesday, we had passed a place called Mobile Home Depot, and Harry called them to see if they had siding. Not only did they have the size of siding we needed, but they sold it by the piece. On Wednesday we drove over and picked up the materials we needed, and even an extra piece of siding just in case, for the grand total of $46!


Yesterday Harry got down to business working on the repairs. The section of siding to go in the front needed to be cut down to size, but luckily the piece that was being replaced was still intact enough to use it as a template.


You can see the missing piece of soffit on the right side of the peak.


All done!


Harry also took the other awning down. It was bent and in pretty bad shape. Some of the slats were already half coming off.

I ordered a couple decorative pieces to go on the front of the house and add some color. Plus getting the grass in is going to make such a difference. Our grass had been scheduled for installation the Thursday before the storm, but the company cancelled. No surprise there. We were actually happy about that because we’re not sure how freshly laid sod would have held up to the winds. The sod farm is waiting for their fields to dry up, so hopefully by the beginning of October we will finally be getting some grass.


  1. The grass will make a big difference. Gosh.... we could have used Harry for replacing siding too and not just to help with the door. As you know, we have 3 holes in ours where stones flew from the mower. Yup, should have used Harry.

  2. So good that Harry is handy with a hammer. Saves some bucks for sure. I wondered about your sod when I didn't see green grass in your pictures :)

  3. Good Job Harry it is good to be able to take care of repairs on your own.
    The grass will definitely make it look more like Home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.