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Friday, April 13, 2018

A Day at Epcot and Rain Test

After our truck didn’t start on Sunday, our neighbor came over and they started it with a jump. We ran it for about 45 minutes hoping that it would charge the batteries up enough to start on Monday, but Monday morning they were once again dead. So we had to jump it again to get it started, and Harry headed off to the Chevy dealership. Once they checked the batteries out, they reported to Harry that one was dead and the other was close. Yeah, we figured. So Harry used their shuttle to come home for the day, and they called in the afternoon to let him know when the truck was ready. There was some good news for the day though. Harry asked them to check the brakes while the truck was there and they are still in great shape. Not bad considering they are the original brakes and we are heading for 87k miles on the truck!

Last week Harry spent a morning putting up some flashing above and around our front windows in an attempt to take care of a leak we’d noticed during the last couple rainstorms. On Tuesday we finally got some rain, and we were both eager t30688504_10216976066860656_380222382289190912_no see if we saw any drips coming in.


No leaks!

30582127_10216964083121070_7498269417880445720_nOn Wednesday we enjoyed another day at Epcot. That makes four days for us this year. We buy the Weekday Select annual pass for Florida residents. That pass enables us to go to any of the Disney parks on weekdays only, with the exception of some blackout periods. The blackout periods are at peak times like Christmas week, a couple weeks in March or April when the spring breakers are coming, and a couple months in the summer. Those are all times when we wouldn’t want to go anyway so it works out fine. Our annual pass covers admission and parking, plus gives discounts at some of the stores and restaurants.


We were looking forward to going this time because this is the time of year when they have their Festival of Flowers. The displays are so beautiful.




It was a beautiful day to walk around and enjoy all the Disney characters made up with flowers. We went on a couple rides – including my favorite at Epcot – Soarin’!

30724904_10216964067320675_1188236788186287231_nAnd we had a huge surprise when I sent a pic to a friend that we had worked with at Amazon, knowing she was a big Disney fan, and she replied to my message that she was at Epcot also! We met up right outside the Soarin’ ride, after we found out she was in line right behind us. That was so amazing! We hadn’t seen Robin since the last time we worked at Amazon in the fall of 2016.

That will be our last trip to Disney for this winter. We only have six weeks left here and they are going to go fast, especially with being scheduled to work three days a week. You can really tell it’s the end of the season. We have a lot of empty spots around us again, and most of our friends will be gone by this time next week. It’s getting to be traveling time!


  1. Wow, that time went fast! Cool that you saw Robin there, I see she's there a lot :)

  2. How cool is to have an unexpected treat of seeing a friend. Epcot sure must be beautiful with the flowers in bloom.