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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

February Was Cruise and Company Month!

29920830_10216886489701283_922250618_nAfter a quiet uneventful month in January, we knew that February was going to be the exact opposite. We had a cruise coming up early in the month, and after that we were having our first official company! When we bought the park model last April, we decided right away that we were going to use the Florida room as our living area, and leave what was originally the living room for a guest area. We set it up before we left for the cruise, and I loved the way it looked.

On Sunday, Feb 11th we drove to Sebastian to pick up my mother and stepfather and from there head to the cruise port in Port Canaveral. Being Sunday morning, it was very quiet and we had a quick and uneventful trip.


I always love the first look at the ship!


My sister surprised us with some magnets for our door! (Her oldest son, Matt, was staying in our room for the cruise also.)

Just a few photos to show the fun we had on our cruise…






28167062_10216457082126362_2066929634095639998_nOur cruise went to Key West, Cozumel and Costa Maya. We didn’t plan any excursions for the cruise, and just planned to walk around the port areas. That is the one thing I would change for any future cruises we go on. It always sounds like a good idea to just walk around and enjoy the area, but the immediate area near the cruise port is 27751718_10216385393334187_7956098765175521693_nalways so touristy, with people just nagging you to buy their merchandise. It’s probably going to be a few years before we go on another cruise, but I will keep that in mind for the next one.

But the actual cruise portion of the week was wonderful. We had three rooms in a row, so we had a nice long balcony area, and it’s always so great to have time to chat with family members that we don’t see all the time.

28166733_10216457164888431_6141094445087453009_nWhen we arrived back home, the fun wasn’t over yet! My mother and stepfather came back to Avon Park with us to extend the enjoyment for another week and a half.


We packed a lot into the time we had. We went for some drives and gave them some tours of the area. We went on a tram tour of Highlands Hammock State Park, and enjoyed checking out the locals.


We also spent a couple days at Epcot, and had a wonderful time exploring the different countries in the World Showcase area.



While we were there, Harry enjoyed his favorite – a plate full of German food from an all you can eat buffet!

It was a whirlwind 10 days, and they enjoyed their time so much they are planning to come back next winter for three months! We reserved a spot here in the park, and they are going to live in the fiver and enjoy soaking in a little  of our nice Florida winter weather.

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  1. Sounds like a bunch of fun. So now as "florida" residences do you find there are special deals on cruises and such.. I have heard in the past florida residents can get some special deals on like last min cruises and of course teh florida pass to disney and such..

    Was that the case on this disney cruise??

    by the way your story of buying the park model had me thinking about this as well and we are still 2 yr before going full time and about 4 yrs before we sell the house. We check out some places last year when in titusville on a timeshare vacation and found some nice RV type communities like your place with seasonal and full timers there as well.. got me and the wife thinking, more me, about what to, or where to, be when we need a place to get out of 200 SF, 30 ft airstream, and hang out in 400 SF when traveling or when don't travel as much.

    have a good week and good luck on the marathon.