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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Work Week Complete

I just finished a three day stretch of work days. It depends on the department, but for me, with the schedule constraints of the people I work with, my work days and hours are usually pretty consistent. Most weeks I work two  8 hour days during the week and then I open on Saturday, which means I work from 5 am to 1:30. So this week I worked Thursday and Friday from 9:30 to 6, and then did my usual shift today. And next week I do the same, which means I now have four days off before I work again. Not too hard to take!

I gave my leaving date to the appropriate person in HR yesterday. So now it is official that I have a little over six weeks left to work. I have to call in September about a month before we come back, and then I will be put on the schedule right away. That means that we will arrive, and then I can go right back to work. No applications, delays, orientation etc! I just love how convenient this job is going to be.

I had a comment about how it works with Florida residency and Disney pricing. We haven’t gotten any special pricing for our Disney cruises, but that’s partially because we have always had a special week that we needed to go. My understanding is that Disney cruises usually get filled up, so I’m not sure if they offer special last minute pricing. However, we have gotten some good deals for the parks. Both Harry and I have season passes, and they have a really good price for Florida residents. And once you have the pass, you get an even better deal to renew it the following year. Also, when my mother was here, and we wanted to stay overnight, I got an email that they were offering some certain resorts/certain nights at 30% off. The range of dates was within the time period I was looking at, so I called, and we got a really good deal for the night that we stayed at the Caribbean Resort.

30265054_10216924105961666_942238738669371392_oHarry’s big project for this week was doing some outside repair work. The last couple of times it rained, we had a pretty good leak over a window. And, before that, we had a drip coming in over the front door. So Harry decided it was time to get that fixed. He opened it up and found the house wrap was pretty frayed, and there were gaps at the end by the doors.


He opened up the siding along the windows and put flashing in along the sides…


and then above the top of the windows and door.

Then caulked over the door under the piece of trim.


And then it was all put back together!

A couple days ago, Harry used the water hose to spray all over the front, and, NO leaking!! Another great repair job done!

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