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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Fast Week

January is movin’ right along. So far, so good with the weather. We’re supposed to have a storm over the next couple of days, but we may luck out and end up with rain. So far this has been one of those nice green winters, but they don’t usually last the whole season! We have two months left.

In the spirit of looking forward toward spring, I made camping reservations yesterday for our first trip of the season, in May, at Hartwick Heartlands Campground. Yay! We have reserved a pull through full hookup site that’s located in an open area. Should work out well for our satellite.

Harry and I have checked out the fiver every few days. Still no sign of any critters, and we both get another case of hitch itch every time we go out and look around. It’s going to be such a great feeling to pack up, and head down that road! <sigh> Still four months to go…

In the meantime, we are gearing up for our next project…the downstairs bathroom. This one should be easier, as we are not replacing the vanity and mirror, just the floor. We’ll be getting started on that this weekend.


  1. Lots of luck on the floor. While you are doing the floor, I'll probably be working on the beams or fireplace. We actually rested today since it was raining.

  2. But it's only 68 more days until spring and then you can start prepping the trailer and become refamiliarized with it. That's what our plan is and we're sticking to it (We Hope). LOL

    It's about time.