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Friday, January 6, 2012

Busy First Week of the Year

Another fast week around here! We had a little two day cold snap, and now we are back into the high thirties for highs. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 40!! Wow! Lots of people coming into the office these days bemoaning the lack of snow in our winter this year. Not me – I think it’s just fine. Smile

We had the plumber here on Tuesday. He was here for quite a while even with Harry’s prep work, so we are waiting for the bill to see what the damage was. Oh well. At least everything looks good, and we can now move on with the upstairs bathroom.









and after…


It is all ready for the new floor to be overlaid on top of it. That will be happening tomorrow. Then we can move the new mirror and vanity into the bathroom, and get the closet put back together. Almost there!



The other job that the plumber finished up was the installation of the new showerhead and faucet in the downstairs bathroom.



This is the cut out closet wall in the office. I wish I had taken a picture of the showerhead/faucet that we had in the downstairs bathroom before this week. Suffice to say, this new one is a HUGE improvement.





and after…



This weekend is going to be another busy one – getting lots of stuff accomplished around here. More items being checked off that list!


  1. Just keep checking those things off the list.

  2. We had a cold snap here for a couple of days and the temps dropped into the 20s. Too cold for this area!!

    You guys are really getting things in tip top shape!! Progress!! :-)

  3. That list must surely be getting small by now!