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Saturday, September 8, 2012

And More and More Gone

Other than getting used to seeing a “for sale” sign on our front yard, our main accomplishments for today were more progress out in the garage.



It is really almost empty now. My co-worker and her husband came and took the pile that used to be over by the wall.





Our bikes and the generator are going with us, and our snowblower will be leaving as soon as the house sells.





I put this safety sand up on freecycle this afternoon and have already gotten an email from an interested party. It will probably be gone by tomorrow.




All of these bottles and containers will be going to the hazardous waste collection I mentioned. That is on the 22nd, so we will have these boxes here for a couple more weeks.





And this is the last of the paint cans filled with cat litter. I think we probably got rid of 30 or more paint cans over the past few weeks.





We are so loving this nice empty space!!


  1. Looks pretty empty! Nice to be getting rid of the last of it.