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Thursday, September 6, 2012

T Minus 11 Hours…

Tomorrow morning we will be launching on the next portion of the journey…our house will go on sale! (haha If anyone out there reading my blog doesn’t know that… Flirt male)

We went over to the store tonight and picked up some cat litter. We have quite a few cans of paint sitting out in the garage, so we are going to use the cat litter to harden them up. Our town has a hazardous waste day every year, which is coming up in a couple weeks. On that day, you can sign up to bring over cleaning supplies and other materials that we can’t just throw in the trash. When I called to inquire about signing up, the person at the transfer station said that paint cans could be disposed of in the trash - as long as we have added a substance to harden the paint. He listed a number of options, and we thought cat litter was the easiest to acquire. We have already gotten rid of a number of paint cans this way over the past couple of weeks.

Other than that, we are both in a holding pattern – and excited about seeing our listing and house information in print tomorrow. We also have a busy weekend ahead, as we are babysitting my sister’s kids tomorrow night and Saturday. That is why we have as a stipulation for our listing that showings can’t begin until Sunday. Will we have any people wanting to see the house then? We will know soon!!


  1. Please people - go take a look at this beautiful house. You will love it.

  2. You both have worked so hard. I hope it sells quickly, but it WILL sell.