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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

We now have ONE day and THREE hours until our meeting with the realtor. But who’s counting?



We have been working to remove the last remnants of dust and cobwebs from every corner, and to arrange everything in a way that looks open and inviting. Guess it’s a good thing we’ve both spent many hours watching home sale shows on HGTV (or perhaps a bad thing, as the case may be).




The garage is almost all cleared out now.






We have this one small pile which is going to my co-worker. I think she and her husband are coming over today to get all this stuff.




Our basement is all neat and clean – floor swept, cobwebs removed.






Our laundry area is all spiffed up.







The downstairs hall closet is all emptied out, the last paint job, and a new shelf.












The appliances in the kitchen are all shiny and fingerprint free.





Today we have just a few more small jobs – a few more things that we need to put away in the fiver, and a few shelves in the garage that we still need to sort out.



Our realtor sent us an email yesterday with listings in the area that have a similar square footage, bed and bath number, and sold in our price range over the past six months. I thought it was an encouraging email – there were 16 listings on the list. Most of the homes were on the market between 20 and 65 days, although there were a few interesting ones – 4, 12 and 18 days! The key will be pricing it right, and this we are going to leave completely up to the realtor. She has a great record, and we want to put it on the market at a price she thinks will sell.

One day to pictures…seven days until sale day!


  1. Looking good. When we prepped our house for sale, it did not take long for our home to become a house for some else. It seemed odd working on our house doing all the last minute cleaning, painting and other stuff. The best thing we did was move into the RV. That made things go much smother since we no longer lived in the house.
    Best wishes for a quick sale.

  2. Wow, here you go!

    I think autumn is a yummy time to go house-hunting, and by extension, to sell. People are beginning to think of warm holidays and picturing where to put the menorah or the tree, and how many people they can invite for Thanksgiving.


    1. Thanks Roxanne! That picture does sound inviting! I am picturing the same around our nice fireplace in our fiver. :)

  3. I can feel your excitment! Best wishes for a quick sale!

  4. Oh my, it's all done! I'll say it again, it's going to show well!

  5. Wow! It's time for good news!