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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Settling in to our New Normal

It’s been a pretty quiet week so far. The usual routine of heading to work and coming home to dinner and some downtime. We’ve gotten pretty used, I think, to just hanging out and enjoying some time to ourselves without repairs and renovations to be working on around here.

Sunday was an odd day. We spent the morning doing some last minute cleaning, and the afternoon leaving for Showing #1, coming back for about an hour and then leaving again for Showing #2. We received some positive comments from the realtors and potential buyers who had come to check out the house. However, neither was interested in purchasing the property – the back yard was too small for the first buyers and the house a bit too small for the second.

On Tuesday, we had a caravan of realtors come through the property – about 13 in all from what I understand. Again, the reviews and comments that we heard from our realtor were very positive. So we haven’t heard anything but good stuff.

Presently, I am keeping an eye on my cell phone in hopes of getting a text about a showing this coming weekend. We don’t have any scheduled – but I am hoping by the time the weekend comes that we will.

So that’s the latest scoop from around here – just waiting and hoping…

Next week we will be getting ready for our next trip – on Wednesday we head to Copake, NY for the Northeast Region Heartland rally!


  1. It has to be nice to be finished with everything. Now you can focus on where you want to travel once the house sells!

  2. If you will be away for a weekend then possibly the realitor could hold an open house. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Have fun at the Heartland Rally. Hopefully Jerry and I will be able to attend one at some point too!!

    For us, selling our home was an anxiety-ridden time. Always on edge in hopes of a showing, always having the house in a state of tip-top cleanliness and always thinking "today will be the day we get an offer." Our thoughts are with you and our fingers are crossed.

    1. Yes! That is exactly how we are feeling these days. This is definitely a trying process.

      (I can finally comment - had to switch from Chrome to IE.)

  4. Selling a house is always a stressful time so I hope yours sells quickly. Good luck.

    As for your commenting problem re Chrome: make sure you have 3rd party cookies enabled; try clearing the cache and cookies; then, if you are curious try it again and see if it will work.

  5. Waiting is a hard time, but it will happen! Enjoy thinking about your trip.