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Friday, February 7, 2014

It’s Been a Week

Location: Galveston, TX (High 43, Low 37)

Well, it is has now been a week since we arrived in Galveston and the weather has not been cooperative for any kind of sightseeing. Although we’ve been happy that the night temperatures have stayed above freezing, generally the weather has been…well, let’s just call it….unpleasant.

It’s a good thing that Harry and I get along, because we’ve sure been cooped up inside the fiver for more often than not since we left Georgia after the holidays. I have to remind myself that we are far from our usual NY winter, because it feels much the same – that “spending a lot of time inside, missing the sun” kind of feeling. Since the average temps for this area right now are mid to high 60s, it has to improve at some point. Right?

The worst part of the past week was the night before last. The winds were really strong – around 34 mph with higher gusts. We have both heard enough horror stories that we were stressing over our slide toppers. And even if they didn’t have any damage to them, they were rattling so much that we didn’t think we would get much sleep. So we decided to bring our slides in for the night.

Of course, bringing the slides in raises a whole ‘nuther issue. For many reasons, we don’t let the cats out while the slides are in. So we had to bring their carriers in and grab the cats. Now you’d think since all they’re going to do is sleep somewhere anyway that it wouldn’t make much difference. Well, no they don’t see it that way. Crookshanks settled down pretty easily but Ariel was not a happy camper. Maybe it was the wind, or being in their carriers at a weird time, or a combination of everything, but she had herself very freaked out. Scratching at the carrier, hissing etc. The only way she would settle down was if I sat on the floor next to her. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend the night. After trying to settle her down and going back to bed a couple times, at 2:30 am I ended up bringing her carrier in and putting it on the foot of the bed. I had myself kitty corner (no pun intended) on the bed with my head near the carrier and was tired enough that I fell asleep that way.

By 6 am it was Crookshank’s turn, and he was starting to complain that he had had enough. Luckily by then the winds had subsided so we got up and put the slides back out, let the cats out and went back to bed. We ended up sleeping until almost 10 am! What a crazy night.

We have one more cold day ahead of us, and then the temps look like they may actually start improving. At some point we hope to get out and see a little more of Galveston before it’s time to move on. Good thing we are still here for another two weeks.


  1. At least it'll warm up. Hang in there.
    It's beautifully sunny here (southern Ontario) but also brutally cold. Just means I stay in. I'm OK with that.

  2. It will warm up, Why are the cats confined when the slides are in? can they get into places they shouldn't? Could you make just the bedroom area cat safe? Just wondering.

    1. When we pull the bedroom slide in, there is an opening on both sides down at the bottom where they would be able to get in to the back side of the bed where all the mechanics/cables are to put the slide in and out. Both of our cats LOVE enclosed places and that is the first place they would go. Even if we could block those spots and I'm not sure how we would, we would be concerned about them getting out when we go in and out of the bedroom door during the night. In the other part of the rv, the first place they would go would be up on top of the slides. They are not predictable as to coming when we want them to, so it would be a huge pain to get them back to us and we would never move the slides without having the cats right where we know where they are.

  3. your night sounds a lot like mine, funny how kids and pets are EXACTLY the same. :-) Blessings on your adventures, your RV and your family in Jesus Name.