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Friday, February 21, 2014

Nice Sunny Travel Day

Location: Weimar, TX (High 71, Low 46)

IMG_1238Last night we were lucky to miss out on the line of storms that moved through parts of Texas and other states in the south. We weren’t able to avoid the ever present wind though. Around 8 pm the winds started to pick up, and our sleep throughout the night was broken up by the sounds of gusting wind blowing over and under our slide toppers.


We were happy to wake up and discover that the high winds had passed however. And it was a nice sunny beautiful kind of travel day.

I kept an eye on the traffic reports from Houston, and we made our final decision about which route we would take through the city. We had read various reports from rv’ers on the forums about whether to take 610, oIMG_1250r stay on I-10 right through the city. At the last minute we decided to take 610W around the city.

It wasn’t a bad move. We did have one tricky moment when we discovered that 610W was a left exit, but luckily we were able to maneuver over the three lanes to get ourselves into position for the exit. IMG_1253


We had about 15 minutes of slow moving traffic, where we were going about 30 mph. That was the last two miles before the exit to I-10.




After that we were heading out of Houston and it was pretty smooth sailing! Whew!





For the second hour of our trip, we were able to enjoy the kind of scenery that we like much better than the city landscape.





Nice wide open spaces!






We are settled into a great spot at Whispering Oaks RV Park in Weimar, TX.





Enjoying 71 degrees, sunshine…and NO wind!


  1. Looks like a great site and the weather sounds perfect. Guess it was worth a little traffic!!

  2. Yeah, it can be dicey in Houston. No warnings on some of the exits either! Looks like a great park you found too.