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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Laying Low

Location: Galveston, TX (High 66, Low 58)



Well, it seems that the temperatures have finally moderated. We enjoyed a couple days this week with blue skies and sunshine, which was very welcome…



…although the winds continue to blow. We went for a walk on the beach yesterday and it was like walking in a wind tunnel. You can kind of see in the picture the way my clothes are being sucked against my body. And my shirt was definitely blowing in the wind!



The weather really hasn’t been the kind of weather we like for going out and sightseeing. There’s been a pretty cold wind each day and we keep waiting for it to subside a bit, but it hasn’t obliged. And today the clouds have returned.


On the positive side, it has been great for our finances. We haven’t been eating out or spending money on touristy types of things. At this point, we may just use our last few days to hang out here and save our budget for San Antonio, where hopefully the weather will be nicer and we will feel more like getting out and exploring. Smile

Speaking of finances…we had our phone interview yesterday with the person from HR at Amazon. It was pretty straightforward since we already know what the job entails. So we are all set for our return to Campbellsville in late August or early September.


  1. We're finally getting some warmer weather as well. Supposed to be in the 80's next week!

  2. Wish we could say the same....expecting another 3-5 inches of the white tonight and tomorrow...already 2 plus feet in camp now...is Spring really around the corner?


    Les and Sue

    1. Wow, and with 40s coming for a few days next week, you are going to have a mess there. Two months from now we will be getting ready to pull in there, so hopefully it melts by then! :)