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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Time in Galveston is Winding Down

Location: Galveston, TX (High 71, Low 58)

IMG_1039Our three weeks here in Galveston is almost at an end. When we first arrived, we had plans to go down and park by the sea wall for our daily runs, but it’s been so foggy and windy we have just done our runs here at the campground.




Yesterday afternoon we actually had a period of time where the fog lifted and we went out for a nice walk in the sunshine. Smile You can still see the fog in the sky behind me.




We are in our seventh week now of our training program for the half marathon, and our runs are going really well. We just signed up for another race, this one a four mile one up in NY in April. I think I almost have Harry hooked!


I have spent some of our down time here doing some planning for next winter. We IMG_1186have a rough idea of where we want to spend the next couple winter seasons – next year in Florida and then Arizona the winter after that. We haven’t decided for sure yet, but are contemplating actually spending a couple months in one place next year after we leave Campbellsville – right now we are looking at the Port St. Lucie area. Although we do enjoy moving around, we also would like the opportunity to settle in and get to know people, which doesn’t really happen when you’re moving on every week or two. The Port St. Lucie area seems to have a lot of parks and outside recreation areas, which is what Harry and I are IMG_1025really interested in. Plus it appears to be in a good area for day trips, and south enough that the weather should be good. So far it’s looking like a strong contender.

Other than that, we’ve been relaxing, reading, and I’ve been working on ancestry.com on our family trees. Just a nice laid-back three weeks.


  1. Port St Lucie sounds like a great place, I know other RVers that stay there. Ariel looks like she's got a perfect spot there :-)

  2. From what I hear running had been addictive. Looks like you caught the addiction. Good for you.