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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Amazon News Week Six

Location: Campbellsville, KY (HIgh 85, Low 55)

Another week down! This one seemed a little busier at the facility, with no VTO offered to our shift. I did hear of some being offered to other departments and shifts though. Work volume is supposed to start picking up now as we head into October.

The big news yesterday was about the Coffeyville facility. We were called to a short meeting right before lunch where a Sr. Manager read from a prepared announcement. The Coffeyville fulfillment center will be closing in Feb. 2015. This year’s peak won’t be affected, but as soon as the season is over they will begin the dismantling process in the building. The fulltime employees have been offered the opportunity to transfer to another facility in the country if they choose to do so. In coming years it will be interesting to see how this affects the camperforce program. There was a new facility that hired campers this year in Murfreesboro TN but not as many. I haven’t heard yet whether they plan to increase the number of workers there in future years. I think a big part of the issue there is the lack of close convenient campgrounds. Some people are traveling 30 to 40 minutes to work. I don’t know if that would even make it worthwhile for us budget-wise once you factor in diesel costs and wear and tear on the truck. While it seems to have been the case in past years that anyone who was interested in working at Amazon could get a job, that may not always be so as the positions may actually fill up.

On the home front, Harry discovered a leak in our water heater yesterday. It’s pinhole size now, and seems to have been caused by rust. We have a call in to a mobile tech in the area, but may end up having to take the rig in to a local place for repairs. Not looking forward to that if we have to pack everything up for moving. On the positive side, the water heater is still working so we could use it long enough to take our showers and then turned it off. Hopefully we can nurse it along until we are able to get it replaced. (It does not look like a repairable case.)

Physically, we are feeling pretty good. Harry’s back was a little sore the past couple of days, and I am getting a bit of numbness in my hands, but overall we’re maintaining. Now that we are in the weekend, we will be doing a lot of resting and recouping energy to prepare for week number 7!! A third of the way through!

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  1. Going quickly isn't it! See you in a couple weeks, yay! :)