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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week Ten Down!

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 65, Low 45)

Yes, we just finished ten weeks of work for the season! Depending on when we are released, we have anywhere from seven to seven and a half weeks left. The work on the receive dock is picking up – we definitely noticed an uptick in the pace over the past couple of days. No overtime yet, but we have heard it is coming, so maybe next week. Not to say that I’m not very happy to be sitting in my recliner this morning as opposed to being at work, but still, with only seven weeks left, time’s a’wastin’! 

I looked at our paystub for this week and we have now acquired the number of hours we needed (320) before acquiring our five hours of paid personal time. That was a change in the benefits for camperforce at Amazon for this year. We hope not to have to use them for anything in particular (thinking of Harry’s bout of diverticulitis last year while we were here), but maybe just to leave an hour early a few days during the extreme overtime weeks.

We weighed ourselves this morning and we have both lost a few pounds so far – three pounds for me and six for Harry. Typical. I will be happy if I can end the season down five or six. We have managed to get a little running in, but not as much over the past few weeks as we did in the beginning. Last week we ran only one of our three days off, and I am hoping to get another run in today. We are going to have to get down to some serious training when we get done here as our half marathon will only be a month away at that point!

Not much else planned for the next three days…just the typical day off kind of stuff – a little grocery shopping and laundry…and a lot of feet up in the chair watching tv and just generally relaxing!

Onward to week ELEVEN!!


  1. Goes by fast! I'm through my first hardening week now, and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow :)

    1. I hope you can sleep in! After so many early mornings I find myself waking up at the crack of dawn even on our days off. Boo hiss.

  2. Oh to be young enough (or healthy enough) to work those hours. Not that I WANT to, just want to that young and healthy

    1. :) Thanks Phyllis! Yes, I really am feeling great. I hope you and Len are both feeling better too.

  3. hello again..

    Glad to hear all is going well.. I really like reading your post from time to time. Its a good" on the ground" view of working at Amzaon warehouse.. Do you know about changes to the medical Insurance question in moving from SD to FL. Also how many years on the FL DL and what are the renewal requirements..

    Just trying to get a handle on this stuff for when we start full timing in several years from now.

    Raleigh nc

    PS you have a feeling on if your money total will match or be better than last years campaign?? :)