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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Amazon Week 7 and Making Decisions

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 78, Low 51)

Another work week has flown by! While the work seemed to be picking up a bit, VTO was still offered three out of the four days. We stuck to the plan and stayed each time. It actually has worked out great because so many people leave that there is plenty of work for us to keep right on doing our normal jobs. Last year the other campers on our shift also stayed but this year our co-camperforce people are mostly leaving. At least the ones on our shift and in our department.

My muscles are definitely holding up better this year. I really don’t think it’s all from our running, because even my arms and shoulders are feeling pretty good. The only explanation I can come up with is that some of my toning up from last peak season gave me a head start this year. Whatever the reason, I’m feeling pretty good and am very happy that I am still getting a good night’s sleep and not having the numbness issues that kept me up so many nights last year.

On the home front, we have been very happy to have found a mobile rv tech who is going to replace our hot water heater. He is pretty far away so we have to pay a distance charge but we are so relieved that we don’t have to pack up the fiver for a trip to the local repair place. Monetarily, it’s going to break about even as he was able to work with Suburban to get our water heater replaced even though we were four months out of warranty. (On a side note, since I don’t really feel like describing all the depressing gory details but want to warn anyone considering an extended warranty…do NOT go with Interstate National Dealer Services!! From our experience they are not worth the money. Yes, you can infer from that sentence that we are on our own with this water heater repair.)

Now to the decision making part of the title…over the past year or so, Harry and I have been looking at the new floorplans coming out of Heartland and discussing when/if we would upgrade to a new rig. We’ve kind of always assumed that we would at some point and the conversation was more about when we would trade this one in more than if we would. We actually had a schedule and planned to trade up in about three years. (Yes, notice I said had.)

So, this morning we were talking about how much we love all the windows in our fiver. The cross ventilation is awesome. We were talking about some of the other rigs we’ve seen in our section here, and even though they’re very nice, many of them have whole sides with hardly any windows. The new floorplans we’ve been looking at and thinking about trading for also have entertainment centers on the kitchen side and therefore no windows on that side. And then came our Eureka! moment. Why are we planning on trading in a fiver with a floorplan that we love and a rig with no issues for a new rig that could possibly have issues and a floorplan that we don’t like as much? We have already made so many modifications to this fiver to make it our own – why start over having to go through all that again? So after going back and forth over the pros and cons, and really there were a lot of pros and not too many cons…we have made a decision…we’re sticking with what we’ve got, and if we want to do upgrades, we’ll do it with systems and not with the whole rig. (Of course, that assumes no catastrophic failures of any sort…all things being equal and all that good stuff…)

And at this moment I have a husband happily poring over information on how to put a television in our basement….


  1. I'm surprised at the people on the FB Amazon page that take the VTO. Why?? You're there to work and make money, otherwise why be there.. Oh well. Good decision not to trade up on the rig. I'm not thrilled with no windows on the kitchen side, except behind the TV. There are days when we'd keep the TV down and open that side window, and it does help. The windows across don't really open enough to give a cross breeze, but the ceiling fan helps on the 'don't need the AC' days.

  2. We came to the same decision about our present Alfa when we sold the house. Yes we could have traded up for a bigger, but maybe not better rig, but we liked what we had and it doesn't seem to have any big issues. Once we got the carpeting replaced, new tires, and the sattelite system we liked, it suits us just fine.

    Bigger and newer is not always better.

  3. Maybe a trade ought to be for a different brand... Everyone seems to like the mobile suites, with the big letter D on the front... But like you say, you know what is right and what is wrong with the one you have....

    1. Exactly...that's one of the things that's scary about buying a new one. It seems to be a crap shoot whether you get one with problems or not. And it can happen with any brand. We have neighbors here with a new Mobile Suites and they've had nothing but problems with it. We are feeling pretty good about our decision to stick with what we have. :)

  4. We feel the same way about our 5er. The new ones are pretty, but we like our floor plan, have made it our home and we "know where it's been" since we bought it new and took delivery at the factory. Besides, we've worked out the few "new rig bugs" that there were (and there really weren't but one or two minor things) and I just hung curtains a couple of months ago! Glad you like yours so much, too.