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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halfway There!

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 62, Low 40)

We have now passed the halfway point for our time at Amazon! Woot woot! It’s still going pretty well and we’re feeling pretty good, but we are going to be very ready to get done and head out when December comes anyway.

The past week seemed pretty similar in terms of work amounts. VTO is still being offered, in fact we had an automated phone call Sunday evening that we could take the next day off if we so chose. We were very good and made it in for the full 40 hours, although Harry admitted to being tempted for a moment with that evening call. Good thing one or the other of us is usually feeling strong when we get the offer!! If last year’s pattern holds up, this week will be the turning point between voluntary time off and voluntary overtime.

10708518_10205500729824402_8612753427395385646_oOn the home front, I had a great birthday last week….enjoyed a short run, a wonderful massage and capped the day off with dinner at our favorite local Mexican restaurant.

Cheers to another year!



The highlight of this week’s three days off was getting our water heater fixed yesterday. The mobile repair guy arrived yesterday afternoon with our nice new replacement. 10736423_10205549234957000_997101398_oHe had hurt his leg yesterday and was having a hard time getting around so Harry did all the inside stuff. It paid off though as we got a nice discount on the labor part of the bill.




Our rusted out leaky water heater!!





And its nice new replacement!



Of course, nothing can ever go perfectly and there were a couple little bumps in the process. 10738035_10205549527004301_1436775906_oWhile Harry was crawling around in the innards, he had a little mishap with the water pump which is “conveniently” installed right in the opening so that you have to climb over it to get to any of the piping or connections inside. It is still not working but it was getting too late last night and he was too tired so that is on today’s agenda. The other little mishap involved the rubber gasket in the fitting to the hot water line for the heater. It’s fixed now but we had a “fun” few minutes and Harry got a free wet down in the process. You can’t see it too well but here is Harry with his wet pants!

We are almost through another weekend and then it is on to Week TEN!! Double digits baby!! Our work season is moving right along!

1 comment:

  1. Belated Happy Birthday.
    Time seems to be flying by on your Amazon job. Having done this last year has better prepared you for this year.
    I am very surprised that your water heater has bit the biscuit after such a short life.
    Mishaps are part of the RV Lifestyle when doing repairs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.