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Friday, November 14, 2014

Big Changes Could Be Ahead!

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 36, Low 25)

Well, no point in talking about the weather here, since the majority of the country is “enjoying” it along with us. But I will say that thirty degree highs make for a chilly day at work unloading trucks. There’s no heat out in that there truck!! Today was a first for me, as I went to work with my jeans on and THREE layers – two long sleeve shirts and one t-shirt. And TWO pairs of socks. Very glad that tomorrow is our day off. We have made it through another sixty hour week.

Now to the BIG news.

So…the reason that we have been having overtime is that we are helping another facility out, one that is located outside of Louisville KY. Their employees have been on overtime weeks for months and they still can’t get caught up. So some of their product has been coming to Campbellsville.

Well, a little over a week ago, we got an email telling us about an opportunity for camperforce in Campbellsville, to transfer to Jeffersonville for the last month of peak. They were looking for 100 campers to make the move and were offering a $500 bonus per person, after taxes, to anyone who signed up. The main area they were planning to send the campers to was at the Expo Center in Louisville.

We talked about it, read what other people had to say about construction in the area and driving over the bridge to work each day, thought it over, and decided that it wasn’t worth making the move. (Although I was tempted.)

Then we read that they had agreed to provide a shuttle. So all campers who stay at the Expo will be bussed to work and back each day. Talked it over and decided, nope. Still wasn’t worth it.

Then yesterday we were told that Amazon was still hoping to get a certain minimum number of campers to move and to that end, had now offered a bonus of TWICE the initial amount, PER person, after taxes (meaning grossed up so that we get that amount net.) Well, that swayed us from one side of the fence to the other and we decided that finally we had heard an offer that was worth it to us. So we have signed up and may be making a move to Louisville KY next weekend for our last four weeks. I say “may” because even though I’ve been told we’re on the list, I’m not going to count on it for sure until we get the email telling us so.

So we may be having a new adventure coming up shortly! Stay tuned!!


  1. nice bonus for the inconvenience of having to move! but it may be worth it!

  2. Nice incentive to go through the hassle of moving.

  3. Jessica and Harry,

    We had heard of this thru our friends their at Campbellsville that the Expo center would not have water....and possibly hook ups. Not sure if that means no sewer either. Might want to check into that....

    1. Thanks Les! Yes we have already talked to them. They shut the water off in December, but they (they - someone, Amazon I assume) are going to bring a water truck in to top off people's tanks. Plus they have showers that are open all year round. They have 50+ FHU 50 amp sites. So the three weeks in December will be a little challenging but worth it for the bonus.

  4. Money talks, I walk - - or would right toward that nice neat bonus. Could survive a little inconvenience for a short time. You being lots younger, will do fine.