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Sunday, November 23, 2014

A New View

Location: Louisville, KY (High 65, Low 32)

Ready to pull out of Heartland Campground...

Yesterday was moving day. After three months in Campbellsville, we hooked up and headed out for Louisville and our new job. We had one little glitch when our stabilizers didn’t come up, but luckily Harry knew how to bring them up by cranking them in manually. (More experience from our year plus of driveway camping before we started fulltiming.)

Sunshine on the road...

It started out as a dark and dreary day, but happily as we traveled along we drove out of the cloud cover into a bright blue sun shiny day. We were following our friends and Heartland neighbors Dave and Kathy.


View from our rig at the fairgrounds...It was an extremely quick trip of only 80 miles and very soon we were pulling into our new digs. We had been told that with an event finishing up on Friday there might still be people pulling out and packing up, but the place was pretty empty.

The attendant came out and explained how the hookups work here. They have central yellow boxes with the electric hookups throughout the parking area. Each box has four 50 amp and four 30 amp hookups, Our rigs parked at the Expo Center...and the rigs park around that box. We were glad that we had friends to park on the other side of us. Behind and between us is the electric hookup. Right now we still have water but at some point that will be turned off. The rv attendant told us that with warm days forecast for the next ten days we should have at least that long before they turn the water off.

We also had a great and happy surprise when our stabilizers came back down on their own without any issues. We had not been looking forward to having to do another repair.

The sign at the entrance to Amazon...


After we got settled in, we took a ride to check out the Amazon facility. It was HUGE.

Profile shot of the Amazon facility...



The pictures really don’t do it justice, but it makes the Campbellsville facility look small.


Getting ready to enjoy our frozen treat...


On our way back to the fairgrounds, we stopped at Culver’s for a new experience for Harry and I – frozen custard. Wow. Yum. SO good.

Oreo volcano smash!!






Sunset over Louisville...


And on our way home we were treated to a beautiful sunset as we drove back to the expo center.


We have another two days off, so nice. We start work at the new facility on Tuesday.


  1. Jessica and Harry,

    Nice to see all worked out with the move and your all settled in. You had mentioned in your last post about a local RV fixit guy in Catskill....do you have his name and number just in case?
    We never anticipate issues but you never know and even though we will be pulling out January 3rd to head to AZ it is good to be prepared.

    1. They're actually in Coxsackie, but still really close by. Diederich's Rv - (518) 731-6492 If you ever need any work done, they are AWESOME.

  2. Enjoy your time off! A new adventure for you guys :)

  3. Look at that picture! Ice cream always makes girls grin..... LOL

  4. Glad you got to experience a Wisconsin staple, frozen custard! Now that you will be joining us in Picking, you can eat all you want, and still lose weight!