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Monday, November 17, 2014

Got the Word

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 33, Low 15)

Well, we found out yesterday that we are about to embark on a new adventure! Harry and I are two of the 100 campers that are going to be working at the Jeffersonville, IN facility for the remainder of peak season. We will be leaving Campbellsville at the end of this week.

I believe that for the next four weeks the name of the game is going to be – FLEXIBILITY. Right now we have some unknowns and a bunch of “I thinks”. We are going to be staying at the Expo Center and will be bussed to the facility and back on work days. The Expo Center shuts the water off in December, but Amazon is going to pay for a water truck which will come every other day.

We are not too depressed that our 60 hour weeks are at an end. The facility in Indiana goes to 55 hour weeks during peak and adds an hour to each day to make 11 hour shifts. So we will be working 5 days and having two days off, which I think I am going to like better. And the best part is that we will be making more each hour so we will make almost as much money for each 55 hour week as we made here for our 60s.

What I’m still figuring out is how we are going to work our meals, especially dinner. With such long work days and a bus ride at the end of it, I think we may be eating a lot of sandwiches in the next four weeks. But it’s only for four weeks.

We are kind of excited to go to a different facility, and a new one at that, and see how it is different there. But it is a bittersweet excitement, because we are really going to miss the people – both the friends we have made here among the fulltime workers and the camper friends we have who won’t be going. We are getting together with a bunch of the campers for one last dinner out this week. And then it will be off to a new adventure for the last four weeks of our second peak season with Amazon.


  1. We will miss you guys, I hope this is all worth it in the end :)

  2. Congrats....good luck...we are sure you will do great!

  3. You might consider going to a local building supply company when you get situated and add foam insulation skirting around the bottom of the trailer so your utilities don't freeze.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Re: meals- stock your freezer with bags of frozen "steam in bag" veges to supplement the sandwiches and my daughter discovered that Campbells Kids soups are very low in sodium.

    1. The difficulty I'm having with planning is more in the timing. If we get done work at 6 and still have a bus ride back to the campground, then that's getting late to have dinner and then go right to bed. That's why I'm thinking we may just eat on the bus.

  5. Replies
    1. We will get a $1000 bonus each after taxes on top of our regular completion bonus. Plus that facility pays more per hour.

  6. Good luck as you move to a new adventure.

  7. Haven't had the chance to meet you yet here at Campbellsville but we too are headed for the Exposition Center and the new deal. Hope we get to meet when we get there.

  8. Good luck on the move. We did a lot of crock pot meals when we worked the long hours. We bought a timer at Wal Mart and plugged the crock pot into it and set it to come on during our shift. That was our meal was hot and ready to dish out when we walked in. This gave us a little time to "digest" before going to bed. :-)