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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Overtime - Yeah!

Location: Campbellsville, KY (High 51, Low 32)

Last week we could feel the tide turning, and while we were off for our three day weekend it completed the turn with a vengeance. By the time we went back in this past Sunday for the first day of our workweek, not only was Inbound on mandatory overtime, but they were offering voluntary OT up to 60 hours. Harry and I talked it over briefly, but it didn’t take us long to decide to go for it. We did 60s last year and individually they really aren’t bad. Just another day. It’s over the long haul that they wear on us. I would do 60s every week until we get done in December if I could. (I don’t know that Harry quite shares my enthusiasm. Sarcastic smile) We have only six weeks left. I want to rake in every penny that I can between now and then.

So obviously other than work there’s not much going on. We are off today and I am awake super early as usual these days. Once we get going this morning we have a number of things to get accomplished today, like laundry, grocery shopping etc. We have been going to the cafeteria at the local college quite a bit this year which has really cut down on our grocery shopping. Basically I only have to buy our lunch items and maybe something for one meal with enough for leftovers. Not only is the food good there, but you can’t beat the price – $61 for a card that covers five meals for the two of us. It has made these overtime days so much easier, and we are eating better too, since last year we ended up eating a lot of premade, processed foods out of the freezer section of the grocery store. I’m wondering if eating better is another part of the reason that I am feeling more energetic this year.


The college isn’t our only eating establishment of choice though. Last night we had a little after-work get together with some of our camper friends and fellow Amazonians. We had some good conversation and a lot of laughs. It was a great way to end our week.

Today we are off and tomorrow we begin Week 12. Six weeks to go!


  1. Yes yes! "Eating better" is definitely the reason why you feel better. There's so much we can get away with in our earlier years that just doesn't work later on. Whatever you put in your pie hole, it's going to have an effect.

  2. I can't imagine doing a 40 hour week anymore, let alone a 60 hour week. Good for you guys. Hang in there and think about all those people are going to be so happy when they open their Christmas presents.