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Monday, December 8, 2014

A Busy Week Two at Jeffersonville

Location: Louisville, KY (High 52, Low 36)

It has been a busy busy week, there’s no other way to put it. Last Wednesday we headed in for the beginning of our first full round of 11 hour days. At least getting up in the morning was not anything different as we left at the same time as we have been heading to work all season. The only difference in the morning is the 30 minute bus ride into work. Getting home later is the big difference.

On Wednesday Harry and I both worked in gift wrap again. Harry stayed pretty busy working in slam, but up front it was a much slower pace. I spent a lot of time hanging around waiting for work and it made the day seem very long. I learned how to rebin, which meant compiling orders with multiple items out of a number of totes.

When we headed in to work on Thursday, the first thing announced at the morning meeting was that anyone trained in packing should move to the other side of the second floor to the packing section. There are 8 packing lines with about two dozen packing stations on each one. They don’t assign a station so you just walk around and find an empty one. Harry and I found two empty ones next to each other and got busy packing. There was a lot of work and the day went by so fast. We were in packing the rest of the work week. The days are still long but at least they go by faster.

That’s been about the extent of our week. Every day we have gotten home about 7 pm. We have a bowl of soup or some other easily warmed up meal and watch the news, and then head to bed.

Although eleven hour work days seem more intense than six ten hour work days, I am very glad today since it means that we now have two days off ahead of us. In a few minutes we’re heading over to Cracker Barrel to enjoy a nice breakfast and then we will be ready to enjoy a nice relaxing day off.

We have been very lucky that the weather has stayed warm. One of our biggest concerns in coming to the Expo was the fact that they turn the water off when the weather gets below freezing. So we have been very very happy as we got into December and the weather stayed warm enough that it was a non issue. At this point we can see from the weather forecast of the next ten days that we should make it through the whole time with water.

We have unofficially heard that our release date is going to be at end of shift on the 20th of December. It is of course subject to change but we are supposed to get the official and final word on Saturday. If we do get released that day, it means we have NINE more working days until SWEET FREEDOM!! We are both VERY ready!!

Edit to add photo…

Here we are at Cracker Barrel…do we look ready to get done or what?? Smile

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel

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