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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Back Where It All Began

Location: Jacksonville, FL (High 80, Low 62)

10886239_10206027552674644_1771769576_oWe woke up this morning to the sounds of the pitter patter of rain on the roof. We knew what the forecast was, but we were hoping that the rain would be of the more occasional variety. However, even though the rain wasn’t heavy, it was steady, and so it was a very dreary start for our traveling day.

10886606_10206028043846923_895693186_oWe started out on 1-75, and then took I-285 to bypass the city. The trip was pretty routine as we went around the circumference of the city, but when we got back on 75 we did hit a slowdown due to a traffic accident ahead. Even though the accident was cleared up by the time we got there, we still had about 45 minutes of slow-moving traffic.


Once we hit I-16, not only did the traffic become pretty much non-existent, but the clouds also started to clear and we saw some blue sky. The temperatures climbed as well, from 55 when we left our campground in Adairsville to 81 when we arrived in Florida.


For the next two days we are back in Pecan Park RV Resort which was our first stop two years ago when we first started fulltiming. It does not seem like it has been almost two years since we were here!




Yay for shorts and flip flops!!





  Life is good.


  1. hard to fathom that it has been two years already! I remember when you were in the process of selling the house and all the contents..such a daunting task as we well know now!

  2. Glad you made it safe to the Sunshine State! Enjoy the loads of Vitamin D from Mother Nature!

  3. 2 Years, fantastic! Just celebrated our 6 mos. Looking forward to more. How nice to be back "at the beginning" and get to do it all over again!