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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Starting to Feel Like Christmas

Location: Adairsville, GA (High 52, Low 45)

You would think that spending many, many hours each week packing people’s Christmas gifts and reading their holiday messages would really get a person into the Christmas spirit. But it really didn’t even feel like we were even close to the holidays until we were traveling along on Sunday and I found a radio station playing 24/7 Christmas music. It really brightened the trip for me to sing along to all the old favorite Christmas songs as we traveled along.

Xmas Tree

Yesterday I felt even more in the Christmas spirit when we went over to my aunt’s house for dinner and walked in to a bright crackling fire in the fireplace and a beautiful Christmas tree.


Phase 10 RematchWe enjoyed a wonderful homemade dinner and some great conversation before settling down to a rematch of our card game from last year. We stopped after the fourth round so no winner yet!


Today and tomorrow the weather is looking pretty rainy and nasty so we are going to stay put and relax.

RelaxingAnd so here we are this morning…Little Miss Ariel and I relaxing!!! She is still sticking pretty close after all those weeks with me being gone so much, but hopefully now that we are done working she will not have to be on my lap every minute that I am home.

We are starting to get settled back in to normal life…


  1. I think we're going to try and find some Christmas spirit here in TX. A couple years ago when we were here at Thanksgiving, the Woodlands was all decked out. We may head there later to see the lights!

  2. Enjoy your down time, it's well deserved. Merry Christmas