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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Final Day In Georgia

Location: Adairsville, GA (High 59, Low 50)

It’s been a whirlwind week here in the Atlanta area, where we’ve had some good times visiting with family and doing A LOT of eating.


Yesterday afternoon we went over to my aunt’s house for our belated Christmas dinner.




My aunt outdid herself putting on a spread which had us all leaving the table stuffed.



When it came time to head home, we were counting our lucky stars that we were heading north, because all the traffic was going SOUTH.



I started out taking pictures of the changing colors in the sky and ended up trying to get some good shots of the line of traffic in the other lane.




Let’s just say they were going nowhere FAST.




Despite the weather forecast, today ended up being a pretty nice day and for the finale to our week, we had lunch at Pappasito’s Cantina.



I got a few pictures while we were there, but none of the food…it was just too good and I forgot.



We finished the week with one last card game. My mother and aunt duked it out for the win, which went to my aunt – just barely!

10877009_10206023209846076_2033138697_o (1)



My stepfather, mom, aunt and uncle…


It’s been a great week. But it’s time for us to move on. Bright and early tomorrow morning, we’ll be hitching up and heading out for Jacksonville.


  1. Safe travels and welcome back to warmer and hopefully sunny weather!

  2. Hope you guys get there with no issues, and that it's sunny in Florida, and WARM!