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Monday, June 18, 2012

Second Trip in the Books

Wow! Rally weekends sure go fast! Here we are back home in Castleton, NY and a day of work already over. It’s time to look back for a recap of our time away.

The rally was wonderful.


Every morning we had a continental breakfast, except for Saturday when it was replaced with a great cooked meal.


It was pretty laid back for the most part, which was really nice. We had a potluck meal on Friday night, where there was an abundance of yummy food choices – isn’t that always the way at potlucks?

Every night we gathered around a campfire, where there was a lot of laughing and conversation.

Friday evening, we had a really unique show when the chapter leaders and organizers of the rally IMG_2310became the entertainers!

Talk about a lot of laughs, it was such a fun evening. And we gathered a few additional members of the audience as kids biking around the campground discovered that there were clowns in the house! That was great, to watch the expressions on the faces of the youngsters as they enjoyed the tricks.

IMG_2317On Saturday, we once again headed into Lake George. We were all going on a cruise on the lake, but Harry and I headed in a little early, and found a nice restaurant on the lake where we enjoyed some lunch.




The views from the boat were beautiful. We had absolutely gorgeous weather for our trip, as we did for every day of the rally. IMG_2320







The days of the rally went quickly, and too soon, it was time to leave and head back home. Both Harry and I were a bit apprehensive about getting the fiver back into our driveway. We had talked about it, and gotten some pointers from others, so we had a plan of action, and were hoping that it would go easier than the last time.


And it did!

I think this is the first time that we really felt like we had maneuvered the fiver into place, as opposed to it happening accidentally. With practice, we are improving.

So now it’s back to a few weeks of work! 32 days until our next trip. Flirt male


  1. Rally's really are fun, especially the smaller ones. And congrats on getting the fiver where you wanted it. Just be prepared, there will still be a few times when it takes a few tries.

  2. Coming back home after any trip is always hard because it is the end of the Relaxation and Enjoyment. Another 234 days and you won't have that feeling any more.

    I have been backing trailers up for nearly 50 years and there are still times when things are tight and you just have to take it slow and wiggle it back and forth until you are parked. Don't let anyone rush you or it will cause you to damage your trailer. Do it as a team.

    It's about time.

  3. Sometimes everything works out and sometimes it takes a few times. Just take it slow.
    Ray loves all the faces I make when he backs in the driveway.

  4. good job on backing the trailer in...it will get easier and easier each time!

  5. Rally weekends are always fun. Just a few days and you'll be back out again. How did the cats do on this trip?

    1. They did really well. They go into their carriers pretty easily. On the way TO the campground, they complained pretty noisily just about for the whole trip. Luckily it was only an hour away. But then coming home, they were pretty quiet. So I think they are going to get used to traveling in the truck, the more they do it.

  6. The backing into the driveway took a bit of back and forth to get it where we wanted. But what was really different was we didn't get frustrated over it and just kept trying until we got it where we wanted it. The tips from our Heartland friends were very helpful.

  7. Glad this trip was fun for you! I'm sure meeting other people that have Heartland products was helpful. Nice picture of the two of you on the deck. *Almost* looks like the place we all ate :)

    1. We were saying that we wished we had found this place that day. The food was better, and the tables weren't crammed together like they were at the other place. Much nicer.

  8. A few weeks ago we were at a campground with pull through sites. I was sitting outside reading when a young couple with three little children pulled into the site next to us.

    He was driving and pulling about a 24 foot bumper pull trailer. When they got out they realized they were really close to the electrical box and their slide might not clear it.

    The wife said they needed to be back about a foot. His reply was "I can't back up this thing". WHAT????

    So instead he stood outside to check the slide cleared while she engaged the slide from inside. They cleared by inches.

    So even if it takes a few maneuvers (like most of us do many times) WE CAN BACK UP TRAILERS!

    1. Wow!! In my opinion, if you are not willing to backup a trailer you shouldn't be towing one. We need practice but are willing to do it where needed. The only way to improve is to do it.