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Monday, June 22, 2015

Grandkid Weekend and Trip to the Movies

Location: Peru, NY (High 79, Low 60)

Every summer, trips to MA have always been on our to-do list, as that is where the grandkids live. But this past weekend was our last trip to MA for this purpose.

11639254_10207447103202520_1247172527_oWe left Friday morning to start our trip, with the first leg taking us back to Catskill to bring the kids home after their trip to Grandma’s for the week.



After spending the night at my sister’s house, we headed out bright and early for the second leg of our trip to Marlborough, MA.


We had a good time cheering on Schaun in his t-ball game, and then we went over for a last look at their emptying out apartment.



It’s easy to drive a car around when there isn’t any furniture left.




Saturday night was Schaun’s hip hop concert. A dancer in the making to be sure!



And that was followed by a sleepover in Papa and Grammy’s hotel room.

Lots of fun to watch tv from your bed!


One quick day, and then it was time to see them off on their new adventure – life in Ohio. We are excited that they are moving as there are campgrounds close to their new home and there will be lots more opportunities for quality time with our little guys. In fact, it’s on our agenda for the month of August.

Today Harry and I went with my mother and stepdad to see Jurassic World. Wow! Loved it. And we even saw it in 3D, which we don’t usually do. I think it was the best of all of the Jurassic movies, easily. And I loved all the references back to the original Jurassic Park. If you like a good action flick, I recommend that you check it. out.

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  1. We just watched the original Jurassic Park on TV. I forgot how cool that movie was. I'd like to see the new one.