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Friday, June 12, 2015

Other Than Hiking

Location: Peru, NY (High 72, Low 57)

Definitely one of my favorite activities when we are up here in the Adirondack region is hiking. We have gotten in two great hikes so far. But when we’ve not been hiking, we have still been busy with lots going on around here.


Last Sunday we went on our first bike ride since we arrived. It’s one that we have done several times before and one of our favorites as it goes right along Lake Champlain.



We combined two of our favorite things by stopping at a local eatery for our first michigan hot dogs of the year. (A michigan is like a chili dog but without the beans. The sauce is spicy and finely ground, and usually served with mustard and onions “buried”.) I think we worked our michigans off on our 21 mile bike ride.

The local news has been primarily topped with stories about the inmates escaping from the prison in Dannemora. Dannemora is about 20 miles from where we are in Peru. The terrain up here is pretty rough unless you’re on a trail so I would not be surprised if they did not get very far. From what we heard this morning I think they feel like they are closing in on them. Everyone around here will be glad when they are back in custody.


Harry has also been busy getting my mother and stepfather set up with their new tv. (This picture was taken last week as he is still a little stiff and not up to sitting on the floor at the moment.) Harry is much better though and hopes to soon be back to his normal self.


Yesterday we enjoyed a trip to a brewery in Saranac Lake. (You may have heard of it before as during the winter it is often featured on the weather map as the coldest spot in the US.)



We sat on the rooftop deck and had a great view of McKenzie Mountain off in the distance.



That’s one of the great things about going places around here with my mother as she knows the name of just about every mountain peak you might see. We looked it up and it definitely does not sound like one we want to do. For the experienced hiker only and I do not consider myself to be in that category. So for this one the views will remain from the ground up. Smile



I was not sure how Harry was going to get this piled up nacho into his mouth but he managed!


We’ve sure managed to pack a lot into our first two weeks here. Two more fun weeks to go!


  1. Looks like the weather there is what I would consider perfect hiking weather. Cool!

  2. Definitely lovely scenery there. Hope Harry feels better!