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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Adirondack Time

Location: Peru, NY (High 66, Low 41)

11296508_10207328745963663_1893582219_oWe have been lucky to usually have decent weather on traveling day, but Monday started out a bit rainy. Knowing the forecast Harry had already done most of the outside work, and he was glad that he had. We could have postponed our trip, but seeing that the weather for Tuesday didn’t look much better and we both felt ready to get going, we decided to stick to our schedule.



I always like seeing this sign that we are entering the Adirondack Park.



Although I wouldn’t want to live here fulltime, I still feel a sense of pride that I am an Adirondack girl and come from a long line of strong Adirondack men and women. I plan another post on that topic in the near future. Smile


I took pictures when we arrived on Monday but the ones I took today look nicer, with some blue sky in the background.


11348519_10207343981744548_1422344965_oWe have a new site this year and it’s great. There’s some shade, but they also took down a few trees, which enabled our roof top satellite to work. We were so happy to see that.


Yesterday we went over to my mother’s house and I enjoyed doing some cooking in a full size kitchen. My stepfather’s birthday was on Monday, so I cooked a birthday meal of chicken pot pie with a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.



Enjoying pumpkin cheesecake…



Today Harry and I celebrated National Running Day by actually getting out there and going for a run. We’ve really gotten out of the habit of exercising over the past few weeks so we are hoping to get back on track with exercise this month. We already have some bike rides and hikes planned. It should be a great month in the Adirondacks.

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  1. eWe hope to get to the Adirondacks one of these years.