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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Noonmark Mountain, Finishing Up, Changing our Leave Date

Location: Peru, NY (High 60, Low 52)

We’ve had one busy and full last week here in the Adirondacks. In fact, today is the first day that we’ve 11663936_10207514553888745_1560686158_ostayed put at home doing nothing. Well, doing nothing except watching people pull out in the rain. We were planning to leave today as well, but the weather forecast changed our mind. The only downside of not leaving today will be having to take a two hour ride to my doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

2015-06-24 061

The highlight of our week was taking one more hike, up Noonmark Mountain. It was a 5 mile roundtrip hike, up about 2100 feet to the summit of the mountain.




It was a challenging hike, which basically went UP the whole way with very few level areas. It felt really good to power through and make it to the top!



IMG_7457I wish the pictures of the views from the mountaintop could do justice to the wide expanse that you see when you start to get above the treeline. When I see the vista spread out in front of me, all I can say is WOW.









IMG_7550I felt good while hiking up, although I was disappointed to notice in the pictures that I have definitely gained some weight this summer. The combination of eating out and slacking off on our running has taken its toll.


11649152_10207488466276571_1819167699_o (1)

Speaking of eating out, we did have a couple more outings with my mother and stepfather. It’s been fun, but now that our month here is coming to an end, so have the restaurant outings! Time to get myself back on track.


I made a good start this past week by running four miles on three different mornings this week. That was my best week for exercising in quite a while. I am determined to keep it up!!


On Tuesday, we’ll be packing up and heading to that campground that we scouted out in May. Looking forward to having a new view.

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