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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A Busy and Productive Week – Lots of Appointments!

Over the past summers, we’ve always stayed for a decent chunk of time in upstate NY. Both to see family and friends, and just to get our medical/annual stuff done. Last year we started to move some of those obligations down to Florida, establishing a dentist and eye doctors near our winter location. We didn’t move our primary care doctor, because we have a great doctor that we both just love. Our health insurance covers an annual check-up, but it’s one of those “one year and a day” deals. The first year we were fulltiming it worked out perfectly because our appointment was in early May. Then the next year when we went to make our appointment it had to be later than that of course. Now, between weekends, other obligations on our part and our doctor having taken vacation in late May one year, we are now into the middle of June for our physicals. So to get other stuff out of the way, last Friday we went and had our bloodwork done, and yesterday I had the dreaded colonoscopy! Well, not dreaded, but as a lot of you know, the prep is not fun. However, the best part about it is that it is now over, and with a good report, I don’t have to think about it again for ten years! Woot. That was really good news.

We have had an appointment of some sort every single day. Tomorrow we trek back over to Albany again for another one. It feels good to have hit the ground running here, and our last couple weeks here are going to be a bit more open. (We have drastically cut our time back in NY this year because we are taking our little guy on a trip in July, and we are hoping to start back to Amazon early in August to make up some of the shortfall from last year.)

Today we went over and explored our little corner of my sister’s basement. Wow, talk about out of sight, out of mind! There was stuff there that I had literally forgotten we had ever owned, much less tucked away for some future time when we could use it again. The only bummer is that there is too much there to bring it all down to Florida at one time. We emptied out a lot of space in our basement, but not that much! So we have to sort through, and decide what we would like to bring first. That will be a fun project!


  1. Well, first let me congratulate you on a great colonoscopy report!! I know you are glad on lots of levels!! 😀
    I understand the year and a day thing. After a while it runs into a time that's not convenient. I have to still see my oncologist every 3 months for a while longer than 6 months. Anyway, glad you're getting it all behind you!!

  2. There are a couple months out of the year when it seems like we do nothing but doctor visits. I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with us getting older. I have to get a colonoscopy scheduled when we get back and I am not looking forward to the prep. I have to have them every five years so you are really lucky.

  3. That year and a day thing is a pain. Since my doc is in Amarillo, I either have to wait in Texas until 9/21, and go up to Amarillo on our way east, or switch doctors to someone in San Antonio so we're not traveling out of our way. Sigh... Have fun in NY!