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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Time With the Boys

We’ve been in Ohio now for almost a week and a half. Our main purpose for our time here was to get some quality time in with the boys, especially our little guy Kenny. Since his older brother is now in school and they haven’t gotten out for the year yet, we had a lot less time with him. (But we are looking forward to our first long trip with Schaun this summer, when we will be taking him to the Hershey PA area for two weeks in July.)

A few snapshots of our fun with the kids over the past week…


Selfies with the boys…














We managed to fit in a sleepover weekend…














Schaun decided to try a cone for the first time!






Kenny decorating Papa…



In the middle of our time here, we got a message from a relative of Harry’s that he had never met…a family connection that was made a few years ago through Facebook…they were passing through the area and wondered if we would be around for a quick visit…



Harry with his mother’s half sister and brother…

They had never met Harry’s mother, their half sister, so everyone enjoyed comparing family notes and looking at pictures. This is not the first time we have caught up with new family members through our travels. Both the internet and our fulltime lifestyle have been great catalysts of family reunions like this.

So we’ve had a really nice time in Ohio. Today we’ll be getting ourselves ready to head out, and tomorrow we move on to NY.


  1. Oh,those fellas are adorable!! I know you all have truly enjoyed your time together.
    Its great meeting family members for the first time....glad social media and full-timing brought you all together!!

  2. Another great thing about this lifestyle -- being able to meet up with relatives! Looks like you all had fun with the grandkids.