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Friday, May 19, 2017

Just One of Those Days

Well, I guess we were due, because we’ve had a lot of uneventful travel days. And actually, the majority of yesterday went really well. But the last hour was horrible.


Here was the last calm part of our trip. I took this picture as we were driving up the road toward the campground. I love this view, and especially during the late spring, early summer, the colors of the leaves are just so vibrant and bright.


So then we pull into the campground. We are going to be here about a month, and made the reservation before we left last July for the same site that we had last year (and the year before). We went into the campground office, and the woman manning the desk does her thing, and she can’t find our reservation. In fact, according to the manager, we called and cancelled our reservation (which we did NOT). So she looks through the sites and tells us the one we always have isn’t available, but we can have this other one. Ugh. Well they aren’t that different, so we decide it’s fine, whatever. And we head over to get settled.

18485841_10213716810181276_8228728036000667122_nWell. One thing they didn’t mention, not that I’m sure it would have made any difference, whether we could have done anything to avoid what happened, was how completely saturated the ground is right now. And on top of that, the site we were trying to get into was in a tighter part of the road as comp18527606_10213716811741315_1927844426571981232_nared to the site where we usually stay. So as Harry is backing in the site and the rig is going across the grass, the wheels are sinking into the ground!! We would get to a certain point and then the truck just couldn’t get us over the rut the tires were creating to get into the site.

We tried both directions. It was very frustrating. We were getting the fiver wheels into mud by the site, and getting the truck wheels into mud on the other side of the road. We even got stuck at one point, and had to place our boards under the truck tires to get out of the mud. It looks a lot cleaner in the pictures than it actually was.

And there ended up being more reservation confusion too. But to make a long story a little shorter, eventually they realized that there wasn’t anyone in our normal site, and so, almost an hour later, we headed back over to start over again.



This time we made it in.

We aren’t in the site the way we normally would try to arrange ourselves. We have a couple feet of space on our off door side and basically nothing on the door side. But by the time we got to this position, I just said, good enough.



It wasn’t until after we unhooked and were starting to get unpacked that we realized we had a little casualty 18519970_10213716813581361_853041947080185125_nfrom our frustrating afternoon. The truck had jackknifed a few times and evidently the junction box for the kingpin came into contact with the rails for our truck cover. The junction box did not survive the encounter. Could have been much worse.

We are just glad the day came to an end without causing any major problems, and we are in our site. Phew. Glad days like that are few and far between!


  1. Wow...all that confusion made for a not so fun an afternoon. Sorry about the junction box and the truck rails, but at least they got there act together and you got your normal site back.

  2. I feel your pain. We've had days (or longer) like that, too. Actually all of last summer was a bit like this. Hang in there.

  3. Sorry for your troubles - hate it when you arrive to confusion at a CG after a days drive! Glad your pin box issue isn't worse!