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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Well, park model, not ranch. haha But I thought it was a catchy title.

18618414_10213732598455973_2066865846_oBack in April, before we purchased the park model, Harry’s main concern was whether the roof was in good shape, and how old it was. He was spending a lot of time thinking (worrying) about it, and I suggested that he just go up there and look at it himself. He came down feeling better about it, and then we went ahead with the purchase.

18596929_10213732594735880_1613307137_oAfter that, we started talking about our remodeling plans for the place, and about a potential timeline. Even though Harry had not seen anything horrible or falling apart when he was up there, the roof was still  at the top of our list, since we still didn’t have a good idea of how old it was. A lot of people in this park have had what is called a “roofover”, which is basically 18618441_10213732596255918_1735894925_oa roof made out of two inches of foam insulation that is placed right over the existing roof. It is guaranteed for life. We were planning to do that first thing next winter, but over a few days of talking it over, for a number of reasons we decided to not put it off. So we called one of the companies that does work in the park, and the guy came over to check out our place and give us an estimate.

18624523_10155358469169766_1646238531_nThe roof was supposed to be done within 3 to 4 weeks, but we got a call last week confirming the job for last Friday. We had asked the company rep if he would take some pictures for us since we won’t be back to see it ourselves until the end of the year, and he said no problem. Yesterday the pictures arrived!


You can see the old roof on the left and the right side being 18622898_10155358469299766_1088908678_nlayered over with the foam insulation.



They were going to build up the roof a little bit so there would be a more gradual slope between the house roof and Florida room.






One more “in progress” picture…






The finished product!








We are so pleased with the end result!


  1. That Roof Overlay will also cut your utility costs considerably. I'm just surprise to not see any kind of Peak Cap in that picture.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. second the ridge cap as well..

    In my area it seem when they do the foam over existing metal as in my case or shingles like yours, its covered with a roll alum roofing material that covers the foam which may degrade over time in the sun.

    around here something like this runs 2K for just house roof 12x55 and maybe another 1K ? for sun room.. is that close to your cost?

    hope you are having good travels and thanks for the updates,