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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Hike up Lyon Mountain

Since we are only going to be here two weeks this year, we knew it was going to be a challenge to get some hikes in, especially given the rainy weather we have been having this year so far. So far we have lucked out with two good days. The second one came this past Saturday when we hiked up Lyon Mountain. It’s a bit longer than our first hike at about 3.7 miles one way, and the elevation of the summit is 3830 ft.


The word of the day was WET!  Well, wet and MUDDY! It rained overnight Friday, and even until 5, 6 am it was still raining lightly, so the trail was extremely wet.


For a lot of it, we felt like we were walking through a shallow creek. It was fun though, just muddy.

Harry and Bonnie…


Our whole group on the summit…



Bonnie got another great shot of Harry and me on the summit!


And of course, more gorgeous views. Supposedly you can see Montreal in the distance on a clear day, but it was too hazy this day to see that far.


We still got some great views.

Tomorrow we hope to do our third and final hike for our stay, and our only high peak this year!


  1. I have been way behind on my blog reading. What a fun hike. We've been hiking the high peaks in every state from CA to Maine and back this year. You must be doing Mt. Marcy next? We used to live in Upstate NY for a few years and loved the Adirondacks. Where are you camped at?

    1. No we did Seymour today. We actually did Mt. Marcy last year. That was a great hike also. We stay at Iroquois Campground in Peru. :)