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Monday, June 12, 2017

Last Appointment Out of the Way!

This morning Harry and I headed to Albany for our last appointment of our month-long stay here – our physicals. We were happy to hear once again that all systems are functioning within normal parameters. I am within one pound of my weight of last year, so I was happy with that. I am still working to lose a few more pounds, but the slow and steady approach has worked for me so far. Also, my blood pressure was completely normal! I am always excited about that, since it was just a few years ago that I was on high blood pressure medicine.

19149319_10213969702463425_5272394911750030971_nWhen we were crossing the Hudson River on the Castleton-on-Hudson bridge, we ended up going slower than usual due to construction on the bridge. So I took advantage of the slow speed to take a few pictures of the horizon. You can see the city of Albany off in the distance.


Another picture of the Hudson River with Albany on the horizon…

Tomorrow we will go over to my sister’s house and pick up the containers that we picked out to bring to Florida with us this year. It has been so rainy that Harry hasn’t had a chance to reorganize the basement to make room for it yet. That is still on his agenda for the next few days.

We only have three days left here before we head north!


  1. Congratulations on an "all clear" report from the doctor. That is such a blessing. Sounds great about your weight too as well as the BP.
    Beautiful photos as you were crossing the Hudson River!!

  2. Good for you keeping up with the weight loss and BP numbers. Haven't seen you guys running lately, too rainy?

    1. Yes it's been crazy rainy and cold! Over the past week it has FINALLY warmed up so we have been getting some walks in at least, and after we get down to Florida we are going to work our way back in to running. :)