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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Maintenance Day and Made It Back Again

Today was our day for traveling the short distance to the family owned RV place where we go for all of our annual service. We made an appointment for 9 am, which is when they opened, and were up bright and early to get ready to pull out. We were a little bit ahead of schedule, (surprisingly!), when we discovered that our rear stabilizer motor wasn18986470_10213920715678786_986520289_o’t working. So Harry had to get the crank thingy out and put the stabilizers up manually. Another item for the list!

It was a gorgeous day, finally, but we were both concerned about getting back into the site because we have had SO much rain over the past weeks. It was wet when we got here, and it sure had not dried up any since then. We even hit some of the mud along the side of the campground road as we were pulling out, and we weren’t expecting getting back in to be any easier. However, since there wasn’t anything we could do about it, we tried to put it out of our mind.


We made the short 7 mile trip to the rv place and dropped the rig off just a few minutes before 9. Perfect timing!


They are always busy here, but we have never found them to be the kind of place that overbooks their appointments. In our experience, they take someone in and get the work done – well and in a timely manner.


We left there just a few minutes after 9 and, after stopping for a treat at Dunkin Donuts, we made the short trip over to my sister’s house to hang out while we were waiting. I kept myself busy by scanning some records for their law office.


18987485_10213920722358953_605468930_oWe got the call at 12:30 that all of our items were accomplished. The stabilizer issue just turned out to be a loose wire and an easy fix. Yay!

If anyone ever needs work done while you’re in the Catskill, NY area, we just can’t say enough good things about Deiderich’s RV Mart.

So now it was time for the part we were dreading – getting back in to our site! Long story short – we made it! But not without making some more mess!




We kept getting into the mud on the other side of the road.  It was a little bit hairy but we took our time and made it back in. We are just glad to be settled again, and it sounds like we have a stretch of warm and dry weather coming up so getting out next week should be a little bit easier.


  1. Its always a great day when you get to check some maintenance items off the list!

  2. Glad your visit to the shop went well! It's always good to know everything is in good working order!

  3. Always good to know of recommended places for service!! Glad everything was fix easily and all maintenance done!! Great feeling!!