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Monday, June 26, 2017

Maple Syrup and Lunch Out

19531709_10214124047681959_1471146800_oIf you love maple syrup – the real stuff! – you may know that upstate NY is a great place to get it. We usually buy quarts of maple syrup as we need it, but they sure don’t give it away. So while we are up here this year, one of the things we wanted to do was buy it at the source. So last week we took a drive with my mother and stepfather to a local place that they like that sells maple syrup – in all its forms!


It was another rainy day, so it was a good day for doing this kind of activity.




They had many variety of maple products, so we had to exercise a little self-control.

19549557_10214123939279249_1592240059_oWe were surprised to find out that it was more cost effective to buy maple syrup. A half gallon of maple syrup here cost roughly the same amount of money as a quart in a grocery store somewhere else.

So we stocked up!

19531870_10214123944639383_606926182_oAfterwards, we headed for lunch to a place called Valcour Brewing Co. The restaurant has an interesting history, as the building it is in is known as the “Old Stone Barracks”. It is the last remaining structure remaining from an Army barracks built in Plattsburgh in 1838.


I wanted to get more outside pictures, but it was raining a bit when we went in, and pouring by the time we were coming out, so I couldn’t.


Harry got to try one of their dark brewed beers, and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal.



  1. How awesome to be able to buy maple syrup at such a great price...AND I get it taste even better than what you buy at a grocery store!!

  2. Haven't had real maple syrup is years. Gonna have to treat myself one of these days. Yum!