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Monday, June 5, 2017

So Much Accomplished!

After our short road trip last week, we enjoyed a pretty relaxing weekend. Since it was even a mostly dry weekend, Harry and I even managed to get out for a walk each day. Over the past couple of months, our exercise has been pretty hit and miss. Harry and I have realized that we are fair weather exercisers. We do great as long as the sun is shining. But since we got up to Ohio, and now NY, it’s been so rainy, and cool, that we have spent way too much time inside. As I type this, it is once again raining and 58 degrees. The weather guy talked about some warmer weather coming the weekend – it will be summer-like, he said! I won’t hold my breath, but it would be great. Definitely getting back to our exercise routine is a priority for us.

We knew before we even got up here to NY that it was going to be a really quick four weeks. We’ve had family visits, friend visits, dentist and drs. appts and medical tests. Tomorrow we have to get the place picked up, because Wednesday we will be making the short 10 mile trip to the RV place where we always get our maintenance stuff done in the summer. We always have the bearings repacked, the wet bolts greased and the brakes checked. We also usually have a list of other stuff that has come up throughout the year, but this year our list is blessedly short. In fact, the only other repair item on our list is the junction box that got smashed when we arrived.

This is apparently maintenance week, as Harry also has an appointment to take the truck in for an oil change on Thursday. I am really glad that we got busy scheduling everything right when we arrived, and didn’t leave all of our appointments to the last minute. We have 11 days left before we head north to Peru.


  1. Maintenance for all!!! Good to get it all done and behind you.
    I'm afraid I can so understand the fair weather exercise. Mike and I both need to get with it again. In our case....it's usually the heat and humidity.
    Enjoy those last few days!!

  2. I can always find an excuse not to exercise. That's the easy part. Yearly maintenance is so important at keeping these homes of ours on the road and safe.

  3. Rain, rain, rain here near Cape May too. Like you, lots to do short time to do it.