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Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend in Burlington

When we set up our schedule to be in Peru to visit my mother, we were happy to see that our arrival date coincided with our niece Hannah’s tournament in Burlington, VT. We just had to leave Earlton a day early so we could go over to VT on Saturday.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we were picked up by our ride (AKA my mother and stepfather) and made the short trip to the Cumberland Head ferry. The quickest way to get to VT is to take one of the three ferries in the area. You can go across the bridge but that adds a lot of driving time to the equation.

19369153_10214047527449001_53883779_oThe ferry is a very common way to get across Lake Champlain so they run very frequently, maybe every 15 minutes. We had only parked in the loading area when we could see the next ferry coming in. (You might have a bit more of a wait at the Port Kent ferry because the trip across from there takes almost an hour.)


Once we were across, we drove to my sister’s hotel and dropped off Andrew. Then it was off to the soccer fields.

19401129_10214047590370574_1078492075_oI took a lot of pictures, but I will just add this one to show what a gorgeous day it was. We lucked out!

Our niece played extremely well, as did her team. After three very hard fought games, they came away with a win and two ties. If they had won the last game, they would have gone to the championship game, but even so, they had a great weekend to end their season.

As much as the soccer, we enjoyed spending time with my sister and her family. It was a lot of fun to cheer Hannah on, as well as enjoy a lot of quality chatting time. A great weekend!

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