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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Celebrating Special Relationships

18767495_10213854643347019_5642951636489378593_nSo far, it has been one rainy season since we arrived for our time in NY state. We had a small road trip planned for a couple months and were so happy to get up on Thursday and see the sun!


Turned out to be a beautiful day for a drive through the countryside.

18882115_10213859541429468_9203672849962170271_nThe reason for our trip was to visit an old friend of mine. Other than family, Rose is the person who has been in my life the longest, as we have been friends for about 25 or 30 years. So long ago I can’t even remember when exactly we became friends! haha

Many times, the fulltime lifestyle allows people who don’t see each other very often to catch up a little bit more. But in our case, our li18838939_10213859541229463_3544074944550202450_nfestyle had the opposite effect, since we used to see Rose more frequently when Harry and I were living in NY year round. But over the past five years since we hit the road, we’ve only been able to meet up with Rose for a lunch o18835872_10213859541589472_3078220024804567142_nr dinner a couple times. This year I was determined to plan a longer get together, and Rose and I compared calendars a couple months ago to find a couple free days in common.


Coincidentally, our visit fell on Harry and my 8th wedding anniversary. But there wasn’t anything lacking in our celebration, as Rose is Italian through and through, and prepared a veritable Italian feast for dinner! Yum!

We had a wonderful time, just chatting and catching up. The great thing about old friends is that the connection doesn’t change with distance. We enjoyed spending a couple days reconnecting and promised ourselves that we will make time to connect again next year!


  1. How cool are friendships like that?! Glad you had someone special to celebrate your anniversary with!

  2. I met up with an ole high school friend....actually my best friend in high school a couple months ago. Been friends for about 40 years!!
    So happy you were able to get together. Nothing better than good friends!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!