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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Good News

Well, we have had some updates from back home and so far all of the news about our property is good. The owner of Adelaide Shores put up some video on facebook of the park and while we didn’t see our place in it, we were relieved to see overall how good it looked. The major damage to the park models seemed to be shingle damage, so we are happier than ever with our decision to do the Roofover back in May. We heard through a friend that someone had looked at our place and said that we lost some skirting and an awning, so sounds like we fared pretty well. Then yesterday I got an email through to the owner of the storage place. She said that from the outside of the lot our rig looked good. She didn’t actually walk in and examine it, but at least it’s upright! At some point, soon hopefully, we will be able to get down there and see for ourselves. Right now the fuel situation is so bad that we could get down there, but then we wouldn’t be able to leave again.

The park itself seemed to fare pretty well also. They lost some fencing and there has been some damage to the sewer system. They will start repairing the sewer system as soon as they have power, which sounds like it might take a week or more. Highlands County was pretty badly hit with the storm, and the electric system has to actually be rebuilt, according to Duke. They aren’t even providing an estimate of when residents of Highland County can hope to have electric. Hopefully we will know something more next week.

We are still in AL. We were planning to leave today, but I-10 and I-75 were pretty jammed up yesterday, and with fuel still in such short supply, we are concerned about getting caught in a lot of slow traffic. So hopefully by tomorrow or the weekend, we will be able to make our way to Jacksonville to Harry’s sister’s place. A little bit closer to home!


  1. I bet you'll be happy to get home, in your own bed, and ease your minds. Phyllis and Len will miss you!

  2. Sounds like you faired well through the storm...Irma caused a lot of pain and grief for lots of people. I can't even imagine what it is like to be uprooted and not really know how things are like back home and the anxiety upon the return home trip.

  3. We'll be keeping you in our prayers that you didn't have too much damage.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. My wifes cousin from Port St Lucie was in NC riding the storm out and headed home yesterday wed from Raleigh. They left around 7am and got home around 2am the next morning..

    Sections of I95 through Georgia had exit closed off from mile 55 to mile 1 so no gas, food etc.

    if you leave make sure full tank, and check to make sure the roads are not closed exits. might just stay put for a couple more day as it sounds like for the most part all the stuff is ok.

    WOW what a year thus far for you guys..

    peace out..

  5. Safe travels and stop here again on your travels now that you know the routine. Always a site or bed for you.