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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Watching Irma

We traveled to Alabama on Thursday. We got up at 1:30 am and were on the road right around 3. It was very weird to be walking around trying to see if there were any last minute additions to throw into the truck just in case everything is gone when we go back.

We ended up not taking any highways until we got up to I-10. The secondary roads were clear and I could see many traffic slowdowns on Google Maps on my phone so we just stayed off the highway. Harry and I switched off driving  every few hours so the other person could nap for a bit. It was a really long day of traveling – a little over 12 hours later when we arrived at our destination in Cullman, AL. The cats were so good – hardly a peep out of them and no accidents. I wouldn’t have blamed them since they spent almost 13 hours in their carriers.

21368911_10214934471182040_426701554928254537_oWe are settled down for the weekend. The cats have somewhat adjusted to another new location. I feel sorry for them since they don’t know what’s going on, and just feel confused to be out of their normal space.

We have been watching the weather coverage of Irma. Now that the storm has shifted a bit to the west as opposed to going through the center of the state, we have a little bit of hope that our house might make it through. And maybe even the rv, although I don’t even want to imagine what 75 – 90 mph winds would feel like in an rv.  Just keeping up the hope and waiting to see where Irma ends up going tomorrow.


  1. hope it all turns out OK for you guys.. Watching on TV as well and seeing a lot of wind and rain thus far in Miami. Your park model and RV are quite a ways inland so might not be as susceptible to wind as someone on the coast.

    Only time will tell..
    Good luck and stay safe..

    Carl Karen Newton

  2. Prayers for your home and RV to not be damaged in this tremendous storm!! We finally headed northwest ourselves to prevent wind and whatever else damage to our Oliver!! Stay safe!!

  3. Glad you and the cats are safe. If you have damage, you have insurance. But having lived thru a major earthquake in California when we had a house, I know the stress and hard work it can take to put things back together. No insurance can compensate for that. But I'm sure you will make it all OK in the end. Now you are true Floridians!