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Friday, September 15, 2017

What a Relief!

We have been so thankful throughout this whole experience to have such great park owners. The morning after the storm, one of the owners, who works in the office, took time first thing out of her day to drive around the park and post video of the park models. Even though our place was not shown, we were reassured to see what great shape the houses were in. A couple days ago I emailed her just to touch base, and yesterday afternoon I got a reply back, and she included pictures of our place.


The front awning is completely gone. We were going to have it taken down in October when we got the windows replaced, so that is no big loss. Harry will just have to take those hanging brackets down. He thinks he might be able to just snap that siding back together.


On this side we lost a little skirting towards the back. But it looks like it’s still there on the ground, so we may be able to just put it back up. And if not, it doesn’t look like an awful lot of skirting to replace. We are very blessed to have had hardly any damage from the storm!

We also found out that our power was restored yesterday! Harry signed in last night and was able to see the thermostat for our a/c. It is up and running. Another relief.

We left AL yesterday morning around 8 and traveled to Jacksonville. Once we got to I-10, traffic was a little on the heavy side, but it never backed up at all. We had to stop a few times but the trip was uneventful. We are settled in for a few days probably. Now that the resort is back to normal functioning, we can go back anytime. However, we understand that the grocery stores here are still working to get stocked up, and we will have to buy food here before we head back to the Sebring area. From the updates we have seen online, food and gas continue to be in pretty short supply in Highlands county, so we don’t want to go back until we can bring everything we need with us. Hopefully by Monday we will be able to go home!


  1. Glad your place came though so well! Nice to know it's well built! Hope you get to return soon!

  2. Sounds like Harry will be able to have everything fixed up in no time. Glad you fared out so well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. this event bring up a question about insurance and what do you need, want in insurance for a park model in a RV park of sorts.. is it like a regular Home owners policy that covers the main risk, wind, fire, how about flood?? is it expensive for the unit in florida..
    glad to hear all is mostly OK.. many in marathon and south did worse.
    thanks a million.

  4. Glad things were as good as they are and the fixes seem minor. You guys stay safe.