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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Back in the Land of Mountains and Trees

We have arrived at our first major stop for the summer!

34556361_10217440671395479_8949013576140455936_nSince we left Charlotte, we spent a night in Virginia and two nights in Pine Grove, PA. In Pine Grove, we stayed at the same campground and had the same site that we spent almost three weeks in last summer on our trip to Hershey with Schaun. That brought back some good memories.


We drove in and out of cloudy skies. But we never did get any rain while we were actually on the road. It did rain yesterday but I guess I picked the right day to stay put.




This afternoon, a little over a week after we left Avon Park, we crossed over into New York for the first time since last July!


At that point we were in familiar territory again, and it was just about an hour later that we were crossing the Hudson River.

34537619_10217440630554458_6851868886174793728_nOur home base for the next few weeks!


This may be one of the largest sites we’ve ever had!


Here’s the view from across the street. We are looking forward to settling in, and getting together with family.

Lots of plans for the next few weeks!

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