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Friday, June 15, 2018

Maintenance on Us and the Fiver

We’ve actually been in NY for almost a week and a half, and it has been such a whirlwind!

35292347_10217512744997274_2708382505429368832_nWe are at a different campground this year, after Earlton Hill Campground (where we had stayed the past few years) cancelled our reservation on us without notifying us last summer. So we decided to try staying at Brook n Wood Campground in Elizaville.

34529058_10217440621554233_7738793200600481792_nWe have a nice large site, maybe the biggest site we’ve ever had.

Basically the only reason this wouldn’t have been our first choice in the first place is that it’s a little bit farther to my sister’s from here.


Plus we have to go across the Rip Van Winkle Bridge which has a toll of $1.25 for EZ Pass. The only good thing about it is you only have to pay the toll going in one direction!

So, let’s see…what has been going on so far…

35479208_10217512735357033_7293501058754543616_nLast weekend was a fun family weekend since my nephew Matt was graduating from high school!

It is oh so true that they grow up so fast. It does not seem like that long ago that he was this little guy…


In just a week, my third nephew will be graduating from his high school also. It’s sad that the kids are growing up, but exciting to see them heading off on new adventures though!

35266890_10217512741917197_8927042795491819520_nBecause we are an hour away from Albany, we tried to group our appointments as much as possible. So on Monday, we headed out bright and early to get our bloodwork done. Then after breakfast, we had our annual get together with our financial guy. And we capped our day with Harry’s annual retina checkup. Phew! By that time, we were more than ready to get home.

On Wednesday, we had our physical appointments, where we were happy to find out that we are both in good shape physically. Actually, I am probably in the best shape right now of my entire adult life. All set for another year hopefully!

35303846_10217512727396834_8388606986387718144_nThen yesterday it was our rig’s turn. I have to say that this is the day I least look forward to every summer – packing up for just one day and then going to sit at my sister’s house while the work is being done. Now that we have the house, it would be easier to just have the maintenance done in Florida while we aren’t in the rig. But we just trust the worksmanship of the people at this place so much, we can’t bring ourselves to take the fiver anywhere else.


I’m sorry to say that our rig didn’t get quite as good a report as we did. We already knew that we had to have the fans in the fridge replaced. We also had our yearly maintenance done on the wheel bearings and u-bolts.

There are two more major repairs that will need to be done. The dual pane window on our largest rear window is coming apart at the seal. So the whole window needs to be replaced. Also our rear hydraulic jacks need to be replaced as they are leaking fluid. This will obviously be a more than few hour job! The only good thing…well, there are two good things about it happening now. The first is that we already planned to be here in NY into September so we will have plenty of time to get the repair done. The second is that we are still (for just a few more days!) under our extended warranty. So we are hoping that some of the repairs will be covered. We have had a horrible experience with this warranty company in the times when we’ve tried to use it, so we are nervous. But as far as we know, the window and jacks should be covered.  I will report more on this when we find out.

This weekend should be much more low-key. We don’t have any major plans. My sister and her husband will be out of town, so we are on “bring the kid to work” duty. haha  Other than that, we plan to relax for a change of pace!

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